Welcome to the UnderTheGrapevines blog!

A little insight on the blog name, the name Under the Grapevines came to me one day when I began to develop this page. I came up with dozens of names but this one made the cut. It has a lot of meaning for me, it brings back so many childhood memories. I grew up in Eastern Europe in Moldova, a country known for its rich agriculture. Moldova is located between Romania and Ukraine, it is also known as the wine country, it has beautiful grapevines that spread all over the central and southern terroir.  Moldova has one of the biggest wine cellars in the world named Cricova, a very popular attraction.

Growing up in  Moldova we had a large garden with grapevines and a beautiful front yard with hanging grapevines that covered our turquoise tiled home. Our breakfast, lunch and dinner was served under this green shady grapevine right next to our cuhne (also known as a separate kitchen house). My little brother and I would run around all morning and in the afternoon when the heat was unbearable we would hide under the grapevines in our garden. We would snack on the grapes above us, play in the dirt and talk about our plans. We would lay under the grapevines until mama would call for dinner.

In this blog I will be sharing my fitness journey, fashion trends, hobbies, adventures and all things that bring me joy. Please subscribe and follow to receive updates and keep in touch.



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